Thursday, October 8, 2009

My head hurts!!!

My head is pounding!!!  I think that I drank more than I thought last night, but we will get to that in a moment.  So yesterday was a good sightseeing day.  We woke up, got ready and hit the street at about 11am. We stopped at Cafe Zurich to have a cafe con leche just to get things moving.  There is a huge food market in the middle of the city called La Boqueria that I wanted to check out, so we headed there first.  AMAZING!!!  They had it all from candy to Creadias (bull balls) and everything in between.  After walking around a bit and taking some pics we nestled up to the counter at Bar Cerntral where we had an amazing breakfast, a plate of Jamon and a mixed seafood plate.  The mixed plate consisted of a few razor clams (our first ones, tasty), some smaller clams, some HUGE prawns, salmon and 2 types of fish that I had no idea what they were.  One was a big filet and the other were two smaller whole fish, and when you cut into them all of the guts went spilling onto the plate, normally I wouldn't mind it, but not what I wanted to see first thing in the morning.

From there we walked down Las Ramblas to the port to check out the aquarium.  It was SWEET!!!  They had all sorts of fish, sharks, octopus, and even penguins.  I love penguins!!  After the aquarium we grabbed a few cans of Estrella and sat in the park by the water and enjoyed ourselves for a bit.

Ok so from the aquarium we hopped on the metro and went to see the Sagrada Familia, which is a huge church designed by Gaudi. (the man basically built Barca)  The church started being built around 1830 and is STILL UNFINISHED!!  It's huge.  We took the lift to the top and caught an amazing view of the city.  We were about 20 floors up!  It had been a long day so far so we headed back to our side of town, grabbed a beer at a cafe, saw a great band on the street and took a much needed nap.  By this time it was about 6 o'clock.

After getting up from the nap we wandered around the streets of El Raval looking for a place to eat.  We ended up at a small place called Bodega 1800.  It was good.  We dined on Calcots, (diceed onions) w/ prawns and romesco, Aubergines with tomato, Galacian chorizo, and some Cabralas cheese (stinky, but good)  The owner, upon hearing that we were on our honeymoon gave us a few glasses of Cava on the house. After tapas we had some foccacia with mozarella and tomato, grabbed some cans of beer from the corner store and sat in a nice square and chatted for a while.  While walking around afterwards we saw a poster for a reggae night at a place called Club C.R.E.A.M so we decided to head there and that is why we both have a head ache.

While we were walking to the club we were approached by a guy from England who asked us for directions to Las Ramblas and then said that he was looking for some Yerba (herb).  So we gave him a hash ciggy and told him where to go.  I hope that he goes home and tells his friends that all Yanks aren't wanks!!

So we get to the club, a little bar actually, the beats were bangin' the drinks were flowing and our asses were shaking!!!  The bartender gave us some free shots of berry vodka, which was tasty but strange because it was black vodka.  Strange I know.  It was called Eristoff, look it up.  So we got hammered drunk and walked home, I ate everything in the mini bar that I could get my hands on, smoked more hash than we should have and passed out.

This post maybe a little plain, but I have a hang over and I need a coffee and some food.  See ya soon!!

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  1. Hey brother, loving your blog as I know Gina and you are loving Europe.

    A Little P.R. Update- this is a crazy island and it takes a special kind of happy, warped and demented mind to live here. And what better person that James Taylor (J.T.) himself. J.T. and I are in the talks now and I'll let you know as things develop. I think he'll dig it the most, especially the mujeres.

    Keep having a blast, brother. -L.